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Sexual Health

While pregnancy is something to be very concerned about, sexually transmitted infections are equally, if not more, worrisome. You are at risk for pregnancy if you have sex around ovulation (about 3 days a month), but you are at risk for getting an STI every time you have sex.


Do you think you may be pregnant? Has it been longer than usual since you had your last menstrual cycle? Have you been feeling nauseous or unusually tired? Here is a link to some important information to help you find out:


We are available to discuss your options, listen to your concerns and answer your questions. Contact us to share your thoughts, concerns and feelings about what you are going through. Read about your options:


Information on Plan B One-Step TM (Morning-After Pill).


Following abortion, many women experience initial relief. The perceived crisis is over and life returns to normal. For many women, however, the crisis is not over. Months and even years later, significant problems can develop.


We encourage men to be actively involved as fathers during the term of the pregnancy and beyond.

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We are a pregnancy center committed to providing women, men and their families with up-to-date information in order to make informed decisions about pregnancy, sexual health and relationships.

Giving to Cherokee Pregnancy Center/Options Medical makes it possible for us to offer free pregnancy testing and limited ultrasound to those facing an unplanned pregnancy. We provide a safe place for girls and guys to come and talk through their options. We share truth because we care.

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